What is Demnetia

Dementia care is for individuals with a diagnosis of dementia who are no longer able to live independently at home. These individuals require extra support to help maintain their psychological and physical wellbeing.

In our care homes that provide dementia care, our care teams are available 24 hours a day. Our team provide personal and social care while simultaneously delivering support to comfort each individual and positive engagement achieved for those living with dementia.

Deciding to move into a care home Quite often, the person themselves are unable to make this decision as dementia often results into the lack of ability to decide.

If you or someone have a lasting power of attorney, then you can make that decision for the person with dementia, as long as its in their best interest.

We will ensure that their preferences regarding care in a home is met, even if they lack capacity we will ensure their needs and wants are being met.

What Happens Next?

There may be uncertainty of what to do next regarding options and where to go from here. The care sector is often confusing, not to mention the emotions and pressure that come along side it. This is why we pride ourselves to provide the best help and support achievable for all family members, friends and advocates.
Contact a member of the team here to find out additional information for your loved ones. We are here to have a chat about each personal circumstance that you may have, ensuring our high quality dementia care is provided.